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Saturday 3 June 2023


By Campus Mirror

After the Students' Union Transport Committee (SUTC) release a broadcast announcing the students on the increment in transport fares, there was a mixed reaction. Reporters from  Campus Mirror conducted a series of interviews with students of the university to hear their reaction to this increment and what they think can be done. 

What are your opinions on the recent increment announced by the Transport Committee of the SUG? 

Misturah, a 400-level Mass Communication student, said the Union should do something about it if truly they care about the students. Yes, we understand the situation of the country but they should not use that against us, she concluded. 

Ibrahim Razaq is a fresh graduate from the Department of Geology. Razaq said the price of transport is too much. He opined that going back to the same way we sit is fine to him.

Tosin Bello is a 300-level  Mass Communication student in her words, "It's honestly not the University nor driver's fault and there's nothing the SUG can do about it. The subsidy is affecting everybody if they ask them to carry students at low prices or normal prices like they have been doing it."

Francis Nonso a 500-level student of the Department of Law also said I have no affiliation with concerned students first. On this matter, the increments are necessary, reasonable, and justifiable. Any student who is against this is selfish and inconsiderate they should go and see how the school can solve their transport problem. Just #100? I expected more, like double the price because the price the petrol increased to over 300%. Speaking on the viable solutions that should be provided He said, I suggest the SUG should reduce the price and sacrifice the comfort. Then anyone who wants comfort should pay more. 

Sen Prosper is a one-time constituency leader of the Faculty of Law in the OOUSUG Senate. He believes that the price should be the same whilst inconvenience, as regards the pattern of seat arrangements should be developed. So, instead of three persons in a cab or bus paying a ludicrous amount of money, we can be five and pay the same amount. To him, he believes the inconvenience to be experienced while in transit is better than taking refuge in the students, when we all suffer the same fate!

The solution he suggested is that the University provide school buses that will get the students to their various destinations at lesser prices, this would breed competition and rivalry amongst the campus shuttle drivers, and who knows, they might change their minds and try to reduce the prices drastically regardless of the situation.

Oluwaseyi is from the Department of Philosophy. His view and opinion on the proposed hike in transportation prices are that it is a bad decision from both the SUG Transport Committee and the bus drivers. Oluwaseyi opined that they didn't consider the student in their decision. We all know what the price of fuel is saying but at the same time, we shouldn't be the only ones to suffer for the pain. We are all in this together, they should try and pity us also.The price is much more for students than the drivers. The hike is just too much, I will have class 4 times a week, and because I live far from the PS, that means I will be spending 4k in a week because I want to attend lectures and they are not increasing our allowance at home.

The solution he suggested is that the University management can speak with State Government to provide a bus that will ease transportation. If the buses are owned by the school, they can easily help us with the price and cut the cost of transport to school.

The SUG President has announced a renegotiation meeting with the drivers. The goal of the meeting is simple: reducing the increase in the transportation price by #50. Students are looking forward to the outcome of this meeting. 

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