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Thursday 22 December 2022

Students of Sagamu Campus are unable to Vote

-Salako Omolabake 

Students of OOU Sagamu Campus have been experiencing great difficulty trying to vote successfully in the SUG Online Elections held today, the 22nd of December, 2022.

Students across the three (3) faculties in Sagamu Campus; Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Clinical Sciences and Faculty of Pharmacy have been struggling to click their votes, with the website being either unavailable or inaccessible since the elections began by 12 PM.

Marvellous, a 500l Pharmacy student complained saying, 

 "A lot of people have been finding it hard to vote because the website has been crashing." 

Another Student, Heritage, from the Faculty of Basic Medical Science also complained. She said, 

"it has been annoying and hectic. I've been on it for over an hour and I don't think I'll be done within the next hour."

Students of the Faculty of Clinical Science also have aired their share of complaints as they have been experiencing the same challenges with the voting process. Fabulous, a 400l Medical Student had this to say; 

"Everything has been poor, everything! We didn't start until 12:30 pm and I'm wondering how many percentages of Medical Students have been able to access the website to vote." 

Sen. Bakare Falilat, the Female SUG aspirant when reached out to by Campus Mirror about her experience so far said, 

"It has not been encouraging at all. More than 50% of Students on my campus have been unable to vote. The system is slow, and it is inconvenient. We've been hearing that others have been able to vote, we don't know what is going on here."

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