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Thursday 22 December 2022

Network Issues Disallow Students from Voting

-Ayokunle Salahudeen

Since the election commenced at 12 PM today, a lot of the student populace from various Faculties in the school have witnessed network irregularities and server errors which disallowed them from exercising their franchise. 

Orebajo Eniola, a 300-level student of Public Administration said, "the website isn't accessible, I have refreshed for about 5 times now but it is still the same."

Olayemi Afolakemi from the Faculty of Social Sciences said in a chat with Campus Mirror, 

"I never receive sug mail o". 

The Faculty stakeholders of various faculties in the school also aired similar complaints when contacted by Campus Mirror. Bashiru Mohammed, the President of the Law Student Society said, 

"The issue applies to the general student populace of OOU and I have heard complaints from students in my Faculty". 

Similarly, Ola Saint, the President of the Nigerian Universities Education Students, (NUESA) OOU chapter confirmed that students are unable to vote because the voting portal has not been responding. 

The Chairman of the SUG Electoral committee, Senator Soul ascertained that there have been some irregularities which have made students unable to vote successfully due to server errors experienced by the students. 

"This year's electoral process is however still impressive compared to last year's process, the challenges students are experiencing from the four Campuses are just server issues which is a natural problem. So far, the numbers of votes we have gotten are impressive," he added. 

In addition, Orejoko Oluwafemi, the President of the Faculty of Administration and Management Science Students Association (FAMSSA) told our correspondence,

"Aside from students' inability to vote due to the portal network issues, so far there have been no other issues."

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