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Saturday 27 November 2021

Computer Based Examinations (CBT) and Examination Pass. Why?

The second-semester Examinations for the 2020/2021 year will commence on Monday, 29th of November 2021 and students of the Olabisi Onabanjo University are tense again. This tension is not just because of the examinations but the difficulty that comes with it especially for 100 and 200level students whose major courses are computer-based.  

For a long time, students have been clamouring about the use of examination entrance tickets known as "exam" pass for some computer-based exams. "Why do we have to use an exam pass when we have an ID card? The stress is always overwhelming especially as it is before an exam. What is the reason behind exam pass?"

By Rahma Jimoh 

The Complaints

An opinion poll was sent out by Campus Mirror to portray students perception of the Exam pass and a lot of students showed their grievances.

"Why do we have to use the exam pass when we already have an ID card?", says Tola, a 200 level student. A similar comment came from Daramola, a 100 level student who commented that getting the pass was always stressful. He said,  "Getting the exam pass is always stressful as we have to go to a different venue and then back to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre for the examination. The most annoying thing is that the location for collecting the pass is always changed at the last minute".

These and so many others are the responses Campus Mirror curated from students. A 200 level student of Business Administration, Dele added, "Asthmatic patient suffers a lot during the examination period while waiting to get the pass, some even faint and collapse."

The Exam Pass and Its Relevance

An official who monitors computer-based examinations at the ICT explained that the procedure for all exams is decided upon by the Sub-Deans of each Faculty and not the ICT as a lot of students thought. He said,  "The use of pass for some CBT exams is to ensure orderliness during the exams, all exams are facilitated upon by the Sub-Deans which is headed by the Chairman of Exams."

Professor Muhammed Oladoja, the Director for General and Entrepreneurial Studies(GNS) when indulged by Campus Mirror said students don't comply with the time set on their timetable and a lot of students (over thousands) want to circumvent and go into the exam hall at the same time, meanwhile, some arrangements and a specific time have been set by the school management for each faculty. This is to ensure every student writes their exam at the allocated time.

He further said: "Students will not comply with the time that is allocated to them. Students will be asked to sit in a hall where they'd be given their respective faculty passes. We have ensured that the colour of the pass for each faculty differs."

"The main reason the pass of the exams is used during exams is so students can stay away from the ICT when it is not yet time for their exams. "The server can only take 750 students at a go, we don't want a situation where students logged into the computers without seeing any questions load up. We want a seamless exam, we don't have to want any issue with our exams. We don't want any students hanging around the ICT during exams."

More on Students Complaints

A lot of students are too naive to grasp that an exam pass ensures orderliness during computer-based exams. They are more concerned about the unpleasant experiences that characterise the process every time.  This is understandable; the tussle and struggle to get your 'pass' easily definitely leaves the student mental strained.

Blessing, a 300 level student bringing in a fresh insight into the topic, posits that, getting the exam pass before GNS or faculty exams is stressful because most times, the location for getting the Exam pass is changed at the last minute and students need to move there again while in the heat of an anticipated exam. 

From the GNS Office

"We want a seamless exam, we don't want any students hanging around the ICT during exams." -Professor Muhammed Oladoja

Prof. Muhammed Oladoja, the Director of the Centre for General and Entrepreneurial Studies (GNS), disclosed that the complexity and the large number of students taking the exams facilitated the protocol. 

According to him: "We don't want a situation where people will be writing adverse reports against this University because of Exams. Now, students have to stay in their faculties, and to be led to the ICT by their Sub-Dean."

"An exam of over 3 thousand students must be well organised, we try to ensure we don't have any problem with exams results. I have a very capable assistant and we ensure everything goes well. There's no joy in stressing or failing students."

Professor Oladoja also said they (always) give some students concessions if they fall sick, etc.

He spoke assuring Campus Mirror that the issue of changing locations for exam pass has now been resolved as students have to collect it in their various faculties and stay there until it's time for their exams.

1 comment:

  1. Exam pass from my perspective is to ensure the evidence of payment of school fees.

    As seen in my school, those that haven't paid won't be allowed & it would be foolhardy to base the protocol of entrance into the exam hall on ID card only.

    Ciao !


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