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Tuesday 13 April 2021

First OOU Martial Arts Competition; organizers seeks Consent from Management and Student Union Government


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By Oluwatola Oluwaluyi

An average Student in OOU might be in awe that such a sport like Martial arts exists for Students in OOU to Participate in.

However, Martial arts which involves the; Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Boxing, kick-boxing, jaekwando, Kungfu etc dates back to a long time as an official Sport in the University as students (martial artists) have regular Practices at the School's sport center, directed by a Coach.

"This will be the first martial artist Competition that will be done in OOU.We are going to make history!"

"Students who are willing to learn will come and learn at the sports center and that's why  awareness is being created for the students".

Yusuf Kehinde, a 300l Student of Human Kinectics and Health Education who is a martial artist and head of the organising Team of the upcoming Martial arts Competition explains that there is a need to sensitize the  university populace about the existence and diverse and activities of  Martial artistry in the school therefore the need for the martial arts Competition. 

"This competition will also allow students who are interested in martial art to know that they are different kind of Martial arts in the  school premises", he said.

In regards to  the Competition, a meeting was held on the 27th of March 2021 which saw in attendance interested students, martial art Officials and OOU selected Coach for Judo.

"All that was discussed in the meeting concerning this competition was that we should first meet with the OOU management, OOU Directorate of Sports, SUG President, SUG sports Director and so on; so as to inform them about this competition before we take any step".

"Without their Consent, we don't have the rights to do anything like a competition"

  "If they approve us, we will be very happy", Yusuf Kehinde said, expressing hope that the required officials and stakeholders would approve of the Competition.

Also in attendance of the meeting, a Coach at the forefront of the Organising Team for the Competition; Adekunle Olufemi, a 400level Student of the Human Kinetics and Health Education department (HKHE) acclaims he has trained over 20 students in Martial arts in general, saying the art is just to instill the capacity of self defense in oneself against unlawful rebel or attack from an opponent.

He also explained that Coaches come from Abeokuta and some other states to train them on state level or rather appoint someone to represent them.The coaching takes place mainly on Wednesday at the sport  center in the school, he said.

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