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Monday 23 November 2020

My Lockdown Experience - by Adaeze Obasi

We bring to you different reactions and insightful stories majored in the lives of Students during the Covid-19 Lockdown and the ASUU Strike Break.

 Adaeze Obasi

I spent my lockdown in the most productive way ever!

I started off with taking 2 certificate courses related to my field of study then I also volunteered at a Non Governmental Organisation and was also awarded a certificate for my dedication and hard work. This means a whole lot to me.

I attended a couples of webinars and zoom meetings regarding personal development as it's something I'm really passionate about. 

I read a lot of books. I watched movies, I made new friends. Most importantly, my spiritual life never deteriorated because I'm an ardent follower of Christ.

Recently, I re-enrolled at a hair salon to perfect my hair and wig making skills since I have quite some time to myself now.

Also, (on a lighter note), I added weight, I look more beautiful and chubbier than I used to and it's thanks to the lockdown and ASUU strike.

I should also add that I went on dates. I've been lacking time for it but this period helped spice my social life a lot.

I didn't let the negativities associated with the strike and lockdown get the better of me. There were times I felt sad because I was denied admission 3 times and I know the stage I should be now. There were times I was frustrated with the Nigerian Government, ASUU officials, and everything in general because after waiting for 3 years, I should have been serving by now and it was still snatched away from me.

 I really want nothing more than to be done with this phase of my life and focus on other things but I never stayed long reminiscing on these things because I am very conscious of my time and what I spend it doing.

Overall, I'd say that this has been a time worth it because I was intentional about it.

-Adaeze Obasi is a Final Year Student of IRPM, Olabisi Onabanjo University.


  1. Yo. You did quite a lot. Way to go.. you inspire some of us . So thank you

  2. Impressed. The lockdown is a blessing to those of us who used it productively.


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