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Monday 8 April 2019

"Why I Withdrew From NASS Presidential Race" - SUNCO Reveals

Oladipo Abdulquadri Olasunkanmi A.K.A Sunco, a former presidential candidate of the National Association of Science Students (NASS) has revealed that he withdrew from the presidential race because he couldn't get enough people to support him.

"I could say as a politician, the primary job is to make sure you get the right people on your side. To be honest, the people that were with me were not enough. I can say my primary assignment was not strong enough".

"In politics, there is something called God-Fatherism, even in Nigerian Politics. These are the things I didn't have. I wanted to represent the Faculty of Science but there was nobody to give me a strong back up except from people that were loyal to me".

According to him, one of his vision was to create a secretariat for the Faculty of Science because they have none but was declined after various appointments with some of the Faculty Managements and the SUG.

In an interview with Campus Mirror, Sunco also rubbished allegations that he stepped down when he couldn't meet the required CGPA of 3.0 and boasted of having a CGPA of 3.08. In an advice to upcoming politicians who wouldn't want to end withdrawing from the race, he advised them to follow the right part because Politics is a dirty game and a bad idea. They should always stick to their promises. Election isn't a war thing, it is meant to be free and fair.

"It isn't a must to be a President before you can start the change because the change begins with you. So I think I can still make that change and we are already working on it.

The elected President and I are working on how to make the Faculty of Science better again. "The elected President is someone I believe in, I think he is the first person I met in OOU when I came in 100L so he is a good friend", he added.

"To all my supporters, since Sunco isn't there, nothing can be done and I want you to tell you all that the CHANGE begins here", he concluded.

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