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Monday 8 April 2019

Unopposed Taiwo Olumide Emerges NASS President Elect

On the 3rd of April, the over anticipated NASS election was held at the prestigious faculty of science around 11am.

The election was acclaimed free and fair coupled with the fact that there was a massive turnout of students.

Taiwo Olumide, popularly known as CH4, A 400L student of Microbiology contesting for the post of President of National Association of Science Students (NASS) was declared unopposed after the election and had a brief interview with Campus Mirror.

He gave a brief insight into why his opponent stepped down. He said “he stepped down because of some reasons and I have promised to work with him and carry him along in this administration".

This he said is because they have been friends for a while. The camaraderie is there, and it is esoteric. Taiwo Olumide, the new president elect of NASS expressed his satisfaction and he was very impressed, as the election was in order, there was no chaos of any kind and it was free and fair.

He believed that being the class representative since 100L had made his contributions to be greatly felt by others.

He planned to improve the learning atmosphere of LLT 3 for the 100L students even if people thinks he will be inept. He promised to try his best and appeal to the school authority because the class (LLT 3) isn't conducive for learning and there will be a recreational center at the Faculty of Science.

All, he promised to get done before the end of second semester. Also, the ECO chairman, Comrade Ahmad Samuel (White Lion) said that the 100l students didn't participate in the election process because it is included in the constitution and it was vehemently refused by the DSA.

He also commented on the nature of the election that was violence free and serene. He said "I'm very impressed by the turnout of the students, they came out in numbers today.”

He also concluded that being unopposed will not cause any fraca in the Faculty of Science, and he promised to make his ephemeral season a creative and productive one.

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