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Thursday 10 May 2018

OOUITES!!! Beware Of Kidney Failure - By Tajudeen Ahmed

Every human being has a pair of bean shaped organ called kidney. The functions of the kidney are "Excretion, Acid-base balance and Homeostasis". The kidney is the body organ that filters out toxic waste such as excess salt, Urea and Nitrogenous waste (urine) from the blood of every individual, and for the kidney to perform these tasks effectively, it needs enough water.

Insufficient water in the body can prevent proper excretory function carried out by the kidney and when all these wastes accumulates in your body system, they become poisonous and could damage your kidney.

As we all know that the temperature of Ago-Iwoye, especially PS is very high and high temperature increases the rate of evaporation (loss of water through the skin). So, most of the water needed by the kidney to flush out toxic substances (urine) into your urinary bladder has already been lost through your skin and this is the reason your urine becomes too concentrated (yellow in colour) when you pee, meaning that there is insufficient amount of water in your body. Although, coloured urine may be symptoms of some diseases, but most time it signifies insufficient amount of water in your body.

Every human needs about two litres of water per day for proper functioning of the kidney and body metabolism but my research shows that OOUites need more water to supplement the large amount of water lost to the atmosphere through sweating.

So, when you see students moving on campus with bottle water or water bottle do not abuse them because they are trying to hydrate their body time to time because insufficient amount of water may result to kidney failure and other health related issues as a result of the accumulation of poisonous substances in the body.

When you fail to drink enough water, some poisonous wastes e.g urea may solidify to form crystals (stone-like substances) in your kidney or sometimes may destroy the kidney nephrones and make the removal of poisonous wastes (urine) from your blood extremely difficult or impossible.

Conclusively, the remedies for kidney failure/diseases are very expensive, especially kidney surgeries such as nephrectomy and kidney transplant. So, save your kidney from expensive diseases by drinking enough water that is not even expensive. Water has no dosage, therefore,  KEEP DRINKING WATER it can save you from kidney failure. This article is my birthday gift to all OOUites.

Exellentia Humana et Patriae Opus.

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