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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Breaking Barriers: The Untold Story Of Gbera, The First Female SUG Social Director In OOU

With great determination comes great success! I am inspired today to write about a distinctive personality. A lady who became broke barriers and emerged victorious despite the odds surrounding her.

Ogunbona Temiloluwa, our very own Gbera of OOU, the first female SUG Social Director has shown that when determination is evident, then achieving success is a child's play.

Gbera was born into a family of three where she lived amidst two male siblings. Apparently, why She is accalimed to be stubborn and troublesome. And one needs not to question her academic proficiency as the only daugther of a teacher. 

The determination made her contest for the post of SUG Social Director while in 200L level, a post that no female has ever attained. But She won even when she had powerful male oppositions.

The 300L Mass Communication student loves singing and is a big fan of adventures and exploring impossibilties. In an interview with Campus Mirror, she confessed: "I love singing, and at the sound of any beat, I would want to sing and I see myself as an entertainer, because wherever I am, I always want to make the place lively so I do my best to make it lively and I enjoy meaningful discussion and I play a lot, and am free to be with, I like adventures, I like exploring. I like doing what people have never done".

Her journey into becoming the Social Director has not been an easy one, but the dedication and determination keeps her going. And with help and advice, she was able to overcome.

Speaking on her campaign to Success, Gbera narrated: "The battle was tentatively fought I must confess, but thank God we emerged victorious and distinctively. The campaign took the better part of me because there was so much stress, in the whole electioneering process the campaign was the most stressful part of it. Sometimes I won't get to my house until 2am, I missed a lot of classes but I was determined so I had to put in a whole lot of dedication to achieving that success."

"That victory was actually a dream come through because becoming the first female SUG Social director in OOU is something that has never happened and it has always been my dream because have always wanted to do something someone has never been done and that was what gave birth to my campaign slogan then that says 'breaking barriers... lets make a difference.' And today we made the difference."

Doing great things comes with great risks and only the determined ones survives  Gbera has despite all odds broken the barrier; Hopefully we can get more females politicians coming out to explore the impossibilities.

However, Gbera, since her inception into office has successfully organized a School Vibes Part, SUG Freshers Night, DJ Wobey Tour in OOU and the upcoming SUG Mega Carnival and Trade Fair.

If breaking barriers is what you want to acheive as Gbera has done, then following her footsteps is not bad for a start.

"People who want to break barriers like I did, the first thing I would tell them is to be determined, determination goes a long way in anyone's career, once you are determined you can achieve it, once you are determined you will not be discouraged no Matter what people tell you, you will not be discouraged. I'm a fan of Saheed Osupa, there is one of his songs that says 'if you want to do what no one has done before, your eyes will see what no one has ever seen, your ears will hear what no one has ever heard'".

By Adebayo Oluwafunmike

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