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Monday 5 March 2018

SOSSA SRC Election Saga: Social Philosopher Blasts ECO Chairman, Says He Only Wants To Be A God-Father

The President of the department of Sociology, Comrade Shokoya Olakunle Adeyemi popularly known as Social Philosopher of Africa has noted that the actions of Hon. Yusuf, the SOSSA ECO Chairman is only to ensure that he become a God father and Create a structure at the Faculty level.

Social Philosopher of Africa said this in reaction to recent comments by the faculty ECO Chairman on the controversial SRC election. He admonished SOSSA will say 'no' to parochialism, prependalism and nepotism.

"We want all departments to be equally represented or else we won't allow any election to hold" he agitates.

He revealed that Hon. Yusuf disclosed to him that he is only selling 4 forms to each department instead of 5 forms and, that he will sell the remaining one form to any of his loyalty in any department in the Faculty.

Social Philosopher stated that the sole reason why Hon. Yusuf chose to reserve forms for only his loyalists is to ensure that he creates a structure at the Faculty level by putting people that he will be able to manipulate even after his convocation. "Honorable Yusuf has said it on a countless occasions that he will use this opportunity as a pay back to departments that failed to support him when he contested for Assistant General secretary at the then SMSSA."

He further revealed. In answering questions from our correspondent, Social Philosopher of Africa asserted that, it's always the module operandi of every Faculty that the ECO members representing each department should be the one to sell the forms of Honorables.

He brought to notice that "on normal circumstances, ECO chairman is always in charge of money generated from CEC. "In the Broadcast we recently released, we told them that we'll not allow the administration to hold without the SRC.

We are aware that they are performing but, we're sure they will soon put a stop to that." said Social Philosopher. "CEC Election has been conducted long time ago, SRC Election is an indoor election, no ballot paper is needed.

Nobody ever doubted his credibility to conduct the election. They all paid, initially, he disqualified them because he asserted they didn't pay to him but to departmental representatives, that was the basis why the election was canceled that day. It was subsequently we knew that some departments will be over represented while others will be under represented. We are not happy, we want equal representation, we want an SRC election soonest and we want each department to be duly represented. Honestly, we're not happy." said Social Philosopher.

Social Philosopher further said that the public should disregard what Hon. Yusuf is saying that he sold Honorable forms to the verily available candidates so as to generate income to run the election. He emphasized that the statement is far from truth. 'It's merely a selective constructive to vindicate himself.'

By Adeyemi Adebayo

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