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Tuesday 23 January 2018

SUG President, Williams Finally Speaks On, Scarcity of Buses And Other Issues

Whilst tongue are waggling at the competency of the current Students' Union Government of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, the President, Comrade Williams Adeosun has spoken on various transportation challenges that are being faced by students of the university.

Campus Mirror caught up with the Williams last week who passionately explained that issues of transportation in the University has been prevalent even before the commencement of his administration. "I could remember when I was in 300L, I came to Ago-Iwoye and saw number of students dragging their shirts and spoilt glasses of vehicles just to get in a bus. "I will say that in this particular time, I have been doing my best.

I have stayed in Ago for few days. I was at chips and Pepsi junction just to make sure things are being put at their right position." Adeosun explained that transportation issues in the University falls on two arms. "One lies on students, the other lies on the transport drivers."

He said that the problem is that students do not have the patience to wait for bus. They are so eager to be at home. He lambasted those who find pleasure in trekking rather than forming a queue. "I have seen that we lack proper organization. Whenever there is shortage of bus, students don't queue, they willingly prefer to walk down the street to meet the bus drivers. So when you get to the park, you see pool of students because the buses dont get to the park anymore . The drivers too prefer picking up students on the way beacuse it helps them minimize fuel.

This is the problem we are facing." He also advised those who have early classes to work ahead of time so as to make it to their lecture halls on time. "I have never seen a situation where students sleep in school because there is no transport. If everyone can exercise patience, the buses will come and convey students to their various destinations", Adeosun said.

As part of his efforts to eradicate the trending issue, the President, said he is ready to unveil "Williams Transportation Scheme" The transportation scheme which will be launched on Monday alongside the Transportation Committee will introduce new timing rules that will guide the working of the school's Marcopolo buses and ensure queing policy instead of trekking when scarcity of buses occur.

According to Adeosun, the Union is working Invincingly to ensure that every abnormality is normalized in no time. He, therefore, candidly and abundantly seek the cooperation of the students and drivers. "We want students to know that it pays to form a queue, it pays to wait at the bus terminal and it also pays to leave earlier. If this system is adopted, transportation situation in OOU will be a story of the past." In the vein, he revealed that the Union is working irrisistably to put an end to the "stop and search" at the school gate.

On fare rates, he promised that the Union will ensure that the fare comes back to normal as soon as fuel is properly circulated in Ago Iwoye and its environs.

Conclusively, he strongly expressed willingness and readiness of the Students' Union Government to working out issues that bordering the Students' populace. "It's not until we blow our trumpet before students know that we are doing our best. We don't have to fight or cause nuisance, no need for riot or chaos because this is an academic system. The students' Union is on its feet and are working tirelessly so that every challenge faced by students will be soon an event of the past."

By Aina Tolulope

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