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Tuesday 23 January 2018

NEUSA Finally Inaugurated As Anord Promises Good Tidings

The President elect of the National Universities Education Students' Association (NUESA),Moshood Wahila Abiola (Anord) has been inaugurated last week Friday with other cabinet members having shown their enthusiasm to resume to their various offices inspite of allegations of electoral malpractices that married the Faculty elections held last month.

Campus Mirror caught up with the inaugurated president who expressed gratitude for the success of the election. "I thank God for all I passed through in the cause of this election. A lot of things happened, petitions upon petitions, saying the election was rigged. But I thank God that at the end of the day those that opposed us finally surrendered as all their strategies finally failed." Narrating his success story, Arnod narrated that it was really hard to have come out victorious as various challenges came his way. "I was threatened to step down for my opponent, by sending godfathers, lecturers to me so as to scare me out of contesting and also using GPA to scare me that if aspire for the post they will weigh me down through that.

On reported allegations of electoral malpractice that trailed the election, Arnord described them as unfounded. "The principle of election is either you lose or win. But those that lost were those trying to do abnormalities on the day of election, all their atrocities were no where to be found.

So all accusations are fallacy. In his own remarks, the electoral chairman of the Faculty, Bello Michael Afolabi (Elobay) who was said to be the architect of the controversies and malpractice that occurred during election, said "It's only from the Welfare election that we had issues as the CGPA of the candidate given to us was not corresponding with the one with the staff adviser. We went to the staff adviser and Sub-dean to follow the normal procedure which is to disqualify him, Based on a constitution that says 'if an aspirants present a fake CGPA then he has to be disqualified' "That's what people have been saying, I'll tell you that it doesn't have anything to do with me", Elobay said.

In further remarks, the newly inaugurated President, Anord said that the students should expect good tidings from his administration. "People believe there is no unity in the Faculty, I'm bringing that spirit of comradeship and unity back and I will fight for the interests of the students."

By Babalola Israel

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