"I Didn't Beat Up SUG PRO, Maybe He Had An Accident" - Says, Zetrov - OOU Campus Mirror

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Monday 8 January 2018

"I Didn't Beat Up SUG PRO, Maybe He Had An Accident" - Says, Zetrov

Earlier last December, there were reports that the public relations officer of the OOU students' union government, Comrade Ogunride Success was beaten up by the general secretary of  transport committee .
Campus Mirror visited the SUG PRO at the Mini Campus health centre where he was receiving treatment a day after the incident allegedly occurred.

Narrating his experience to our reporters, Ogunride said that he was truly beaten  because he stood up against the act of slapping a female student by the transport Committee general secretary.

He said, "What happened that day is that myself and some SUG executives went to the school park on realisation that a violent act was going on. On getting there, we realised that  the General Secretary of the Transport Committee slapped a female student. This is not the first report of the committee molesting students. Even I once  had issue with them because, I told them they have not been working.

"We later resolved the issue at the security office after which the SUG President asked me and some other executives to wait on campus till all the students leave.

"I was there when a  PASA student came to slap my chest. He said I fumbled that why must I talk when the General Secretary slapped a student.

"Before I knew it, he slapped me too. I  held his trouser trying to drag him to the security unit but before then, his friends, including the General Secretary of the Transport Committee joined in slapping me. They fell me down and beat me up on the same spot. When I realized I couldn't overpower them, I had to report to the security office but the CSO was not around. I ended up trekking down to the school gate before a bike took me to mini campus where I have been receiving treatment. I couldn't even control my legs", Success narrated.

Later on December 20th 2017, Campus Mirror received reports that the General Secretary of SUTC, Wasiu Hamzat (Zetrov), a 400L student of Law has been arrested and taken to the ilese army barracks on orders on the university's vice chancellor.

However, when contacted to speak on the issue, Zetrov denied the allegations stating categorically that 'nothing happened to him'.

Zetrov also narrated that himself and the public relations officer are not in good terms based on negative words he alleged that the PRO has been using to describe the Transport committe.

"Instantly, I have to clarify that the Williams administration does not have a PRO. I think that was my target, that was what got him angry. As the PRO, he has never released any press release except to say negative things about our committee.", Zetrov said.

While describing the allegations as baseless and unfounded, Zetrov explained that he knows nothing about the beating up of the SUG PRO stating that he might have had an accident later that day.

Pertaining his arrest , he didn't deny, but claimed that it was only connected to the act of slapping a female student.

"Actually, it was a huge disappointment to me because I was not expected to do something of such. Instantly after the issue, I apologized to the lady and she accepted.", Zetrov said.

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