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Monday 12 February 2024



By AbdulWahab Adegbite

University life can be financially challenging, especially being a student in Nigeria. With the current economic hardship, a lot of students struggle with keeping up with the cost of tuition, housing, transportation, textbooks etc. As a result, many students source for ways to earn extra income while studying, in other to lessen their financial burden. 

Before starting a side hustle, you should consider the pros and cons, because not all side hustles are flexible enough to fit the hectic academic schedules

Here are some things you should consider before picking a side hustle.

1. Time management: I believe this is the most important, you should try and manage the amount of time you spend on studying, hustling and other activities. The free time you have depends on your course. For instance, a student studying medicine might not have as much free time as the one studying business administration. So you should pick based on the amount of time you can invest.

2. Effort: Some side jobs can be physically demanding and add to your academic stress. You should consider your physical strength and ensure it is something that you can handle.

3. Skills and resources: Certain skills, resources and equipment would be needed for some jobs. You should weigh out different options and find the one with the most advantages.

Those are what you should consider before choosing your side hustle. 

Types of Jobs you can venture into as a student 

1. TutoringIf you have a strong academic background or show great proficiency in a particular subject, you can consider offering tutoring service to fellow students. 

2. Photography: If you have a flair for photography and have some equipment, you can offer your services on and off campus, take photos for school events, sports teams or competitions, dinner and award nights, headshots for students etc.

3. Salesperson: Various businesses around you might be in need of a sales person. If the pay and working hours suits you, then consider trying it out. Also they can be an avenue for you to gain various experience and customer service.

4. Laundry and Beauty services: If a laundry service is something you can handle, then advertise to fellow students, lecturers and staff. As for beauty services, if you are good at make-up, plaiting or barbing, give it a shot as well. 

5. Create/re-sell a product: There are lots ot of products you can create and sell, if you know how to; products like liquid soaps, bracelets etc. Oyou can buy products in bulk and re-sell for profit.

6. Social media marketing/ Affiliate marketing.

7. Food and snacks: Making snacks such as puff puff, doughnuts, chin chin for students at a low rate can also create a source of income for you as a student. Start small and try selling during lunch breaks. Also if you love cooking, then try cooking and selling to fellow students, as these are things students love the most.

There are more jobs you can also get involved in which some are related with digital skills such as graphics designing, web page development, Front end development and more. 

Remember it’s important to balance your side hustle with your academics and not take onto much work. With some planning and creativity, a campus side hustle can be a great way to earn some extra income as a student!

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