"I believe I’ve what it takes to birth a new legacy in OOUSUG," Sen. Ganiu in Conversation with Campus Mirror. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 24 September 2023

"I believe I’ve what it takes to birth a new legacy in OOUSUG," Sen. Ganiu in Conversation with Campus Mirror.

 By Oluwadamilola Tinuola. 

CM: Kindly introduce yourself: Name, Department, Level, and position vying for.

Sen. Ganiu: I’m Ganiu AREMU Adeagbo, a 500-level Civil Engineering student, contesting for the post of SUG President. 

 CM: Alright. What motivated your interest to run for the post of President as regards the general Student body, SUG?

 Sen. Ganiu: Firstly, I would say my interest is borne out of my zeal to make an impact. And with the experience I’ve garnered over the years in the Union, I believe I’ve what it takes to birth a new legacy in OOUSUG.

CM: How do you intend to restore the faith of the student populace that has been thwarted and lost due to the inconsistencies of the past administrators?

Sen. Ganiu: As outlined in my manifesto, the important thing to do first is to improve communication with OOUITES, bring the Union closer to them, and ensure their voices are heard, and pressing issues are addressed. 

My Eight focal Areas of development if elected will be: 

• Advocacy for Student Rights and Interests. 

 Decentralization of the Union. 

• Collaborating for Progress through Innovations. 

• Prioritising Academic Excellence. 

• Increasing Student Involvement. 

• Promoting Sustainable Initiatives. 

• Enhancing Student Welfare. 

• Improved Communication. 

By the time we address all these focal areas with all honesty and transparency, I’m certain it’ll rekindle their hope in the Union to fight their interests.

CM: Moving on. In the case of financial constraints, how do you intend to address the pressing matters as regards students and other institutions that require immediate financial boost?

 Sen. Ganiu: Financial constraints in terms of money that will be used to run the Union?

 CM: Yes. 

Sen. Ganiu: Looking at like two preceding administrations now, we can conclude they faced some kind of constraints with the disbursement of Union funds from the school management, the Union funds were disbursed towards the end or at the end of the administration. So the problem is already clear.

My solution will be to first consult extensively with the University management to see how the Union funds can be disbursed early so it can be invested in a kind of legacy project for the administration. Apart from waiting for the disbursement from the management, my administration will be exploring alternative sources of funding for our projects and programs. We’ll explore seeking sponsorship from philanthropists and brands. In return, we give them the marketing opportunity to our students so it serves as a win-win situation for them.

CM: What is your vision for improving campus safety and security, in light of the harassment students sometimes face at the hands of security personnel?

Sen. Ganiu: One of the challenges I’ve identified is less collaborative efforts between the Union and community Stakeholders ( Police, Community Leadership, and others). I’ll work closely with these stakeholders to ensure our students are safe in the community while also working with the University management to reduce the excesses of school security by proposing that a strong punishment should be set for warring Officers and improve their efficiency in curbing any issues of bullying or oppression on campus. I’ll empower the Office Legal Director to constitute a Security Taskforce Committee to monitor compliance.

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