Here is Everything We Know about the OOU SUG Proposed Cowry Project Aimed at Solving Transportation Issues amongst others. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Friday 26 May 2023

Here is Everything We Know about the OOU SUG Proposed Cowry Project Aimed at Solving Transportation Issues amongst others.

BY Ayooluwa Oluwaseun. 

The Students Union Government of Olabisi Onabanjo University informed OOUITES via a Press Release on the 24th of May, 2023 about an initiative. The initiative is tailored towards providing a lasting solution to transportation issues and unsavory fraudulent acts.  

As stipulated in the press release, the proposed endeavor will involve the adoption of cowry (smart) cards and the long vehicle (macopolo), that will be put in good condition to provide easy and convenient transportation for students, and also put an end to fraudulent activities among others.

In line with this proposed initiative by the SUG leadership, Campus Mirror spoke with Comrade Adesina Samuel (PKA APOSTU), the SUG Union Assistant General Secretary. He gave a detailed insight into how the cowry initiative will work. Here are some of the details of our conversation. 

What is the Cowry Initiative about? 

The Cowry initiative is a very digitalized system where by with just a Unique personal card you have access to anything you need on campus. The cowry card helps in making transactions offline anywhere within the campus as long as there is the product nearby and cowry vendor. The Cowry card can also be called ATM in which students can withdraw, make payments, send, and receive anytime. The Cowry wallet is more like an online mode of transaction. 

How did the Partnership come about? 

The partnership, for the cowry initiative, came up as a result of a business discussion between the COWRY management and the union president. 

Will the Cowry Initiative Accepted by the Students? 

The Cowry innovation will be 100% convenient to all OOUITES. It is going to be a welcoming system because it’s stress-free and convenient. The student will be educated in an open-air enlightenment program on how to use the system.

When is the Launch date? 

A launch date hasn't been agreed upon. However, OOUITES should expect the Cowry initiative soon. 

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