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Saturday 24 December 2022

The Election was Free and Fair -DSA

-Ajayi Remilekun 

Despite the server problems faced during the election, the Dean of student affairs assured the general populace that the election was free and fair. 

The Eco-Chairman, Senator Soul was asked about what caused the server problems; he noted that there were so many students trying to vote at once, therefore, leading to traffic on the site which require that they had to load the website so many times. 

The D.S.A. was also asked if the server issues could cause political apathy among students. He said, 

"This is the second time we are opting for an online election. Last year, just about 2000+ students participated in the election and there were so many issues. But we had over 5000 students this year. This is an improvement. If students want to vote for the candidates of their choice, the server problem should not be a hindrance. That is why the time for voting is up to 4 hours and not just 30 minutes. It is just like when students are trying to check results; they have to keep on checking even if there is traffic on the site."

To make sure the election was free and fair and to prevent malpractice of any sort, the D.S.A. also hinted that they had to opt for an LMS email and password. 'Many students have forgotten their password which is why they could not participate in the voting process.

Campus Mirror asked what improvements students should be expected next year which made the D.S.A. emphasises that since last year is better than this year, definitely next year will be better than this. 

The ECO chairman, Senator Soul urges the upcoming SUG to increase the awareness of electoral processes and political processes among students to ensure that more students can participate in the election and voting processes. He hinted at this by saying, 

"There is a dying SUG and this means that students are not being involved in governmental processes by the SUG. There is a big information gap between the SUG and the students."

To bridge that gap, information should be disseminated more and more adequately. He said, 

"I place the burden on the coming administration. More activities and events should be introduced and not just parties alone which could spur students to be involved in the SUG Governance. There are so many activities which can be introduced now which will involve every student.

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