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Thursday 21 July 2022

OOU Lecturer Posts Suicide Note on Facebook

 -Taofeeq Yekini & Mariam Fasasi

A lecturer from the Department of History and Diplomatic Studies, Dr Soji Oyeranmi, took to his Facebook wall to post a suicidal note on Tuesday, July 19. 

The timeline read; "Rest in peace: Soji Oyeranmi, 1976- 2022, so sad! was not to startle anyone rather it was a culmination of years of depression occasioned by the unending suffering of my only child." 

The post went on to narrate how he has been facing medical and financial challenges. 

"... personal medical complications, unending financial harassment and embarrassment and loneliness, grand grief and tribulations, and rejection by all those who should assist."

The post exclusively narrated how life has become meaningless to him and how it has warranted him to want to die silently without indulging a sort of sympathy from family and friends.

The post concluded by explaining that, he, Dr Soji has come out publicly to announce his conditions via his social media platform to create attention for his last female child. 

He said, 

" ... but I have to do this to call attention to my incapacitated child who is the only one currently with me for the world to take care of when I'm gone."

At the instance of the post, Campus Mirror reached out to lecturers from the Faculty of Art, some of which informed our correspondent that he was no longer a member of staff as he had resigned earlier in the year and that he is being reached out to.

Campus Mirror also confirmed that just as he hoped for via his suicide note, people have been reaching out to him and his child as Alumni of the University, Prince Adesida Adeola Adedimeji a.k.a Daddy Yo confirmed on his Instagram page @iamofficial_daddy_yo that "the students of the department have been reaching out to him since his child's situation was made public. And are currently mobilizing all support to help."

At the moment, Campus Mirror confirms that he is very much alive as his most recent post was made on the 21st of July 2022 at about 10 am.

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