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Friday 24 September 2021

8 Students shared their reactions to the First Semester Results

 By Matilda Ifeoluwa & Munirat Odunaye

The harmattan semester has come and gone. But the product of the semester has been distributed since the holiday began. Amidst the school portal technical breakdown and echoes of mass failure in some quarters, 8 Students of Olabisi Onabanjo share their experiences with the first-semester exam results.

Here you go!

My reaction to seeing my result was not too good because I wasn't expecting some grades which I later saw. More so, I am tender because am yet to see other results and am scared that the result should not get changed as it was in the past.
Emmanuel, Architecture.

My last semester's results were not so bad. Each grade I got was what I deserved. I think it was fair in general. 

I'm pretty sure I could have done better. If I had just worked harder.
Then I'd have had a better result.
Joseph, Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology

I prepared well for my examinations and am happy with my grades though we have the lecturers that markdown, we have normal lecturers and lecturers that pass everyone(at least reasonably)

We have lamentations from students who didn't prepare well and expect a boost all the time, but sometimes as well it's from the lecturer marking down

Though not all results have been seen some have been uploaded.
Abdu Rahman, Civil Engineering

I was a bit scared before checking them, but seeing those good grades made me happy and ecstatic.

For me, it was the best result I ever had because I prepared quite well for the exams and I got the good grades that I deserved.
Opeyemi, Fisheries Management

I was not happy because I didn't expect what I saw especially in the guidance and counselling course, there was a mass failure and some are yet to see their results. Not all of the results have been uploaded fully.
Omowunmi, Business Administration

I would say I was happy but a little bit perplexed. Personally, as an intern, I'm in my practical year and I offered 10 courses of which I've only been able to check 5 due to portal issues. And so far I can only say it has been satisfactory and not up to expectations although.

The way our timetable is being programmed here causes more harm than good to our results. I can vividly remember I had 4 days to write 12 courses, including practical courses. Although, we are expected to have read weeks before the release of time table. But I feel if the timetable is programmed well, it will as well contribute to having better results
Micheal, Crop Production

I was not happy about the results because it was lower than my expectations even after putting in much effort, the result was nothing to write home about.
Opeyemi, Plant Science.

You know it comes out "gbas gbos" and not "Gbam". Laughs...
So the first released one made me happy, But the remaining was just funny.

We thank God. God's grace was written all over the results.

David, Agricultural Economics

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