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Tuesday 15 December 2020

My Lockdown Experience by Princess Jatto

We bring to you different reactions and insightful stories majored in the lives of Students during the Covid-19 Lockdown and the ASUU Strike Break.

 The lockdown due to a global pandemic was a hard one on everybody, especially for does of us that were born in this century, as there hasn't been anything like that, except in the last century. 

Personally, I didn't know how it would go, so I would say I wasn't prepared for such, as I thought it wouldn't be for long, ofcourse, I know how a pandemic can be but it's normal to feel optimistic about it ending soon. So, basically I was just engaging  in temporary stuffs and mostly living life in fear of not getting infected, because of how sudden the pandemic came. 

As a student, during the early days of the lockdown I would still pick up a book to read, hoping we would return back to school but began to lose interest as the days passed by. My typical lockdown day  was just; waking up, doing some stuffs around the house, eat, stay on my phone, sleep. And the cycle starts all over again the next day, so it became a daily routine, which was getting boring. So I had to think of other things to do so as to keep my mental health in check, as one couldn't even go out to see a friend or even a distant family member. 

I started off with learning about the countries of the world, their capital city and the exact continent they are located, it went well and at the moment I can tell the capital of a country, if a question of such is asked. Next, I went on YouTube and search for videos teaching Make-up artistry and mobile photography, they are both skills I've always  loved but haven't had the chance to go into or even learn. Although, it can't be compared to physical tutoring, but it went a long way, with mobile photography, I'm currently exploring nature. So in all, I  would say the lockdown made me  appreciate  and  utilize the NET  in a more productive way. Thanks to the lockdown, we all had enough  time for personal and family life, I also found interest in things I usually wouldn't get involved in; reading books asides school books. It was all a blessing in disguise, it brought out talent that has been latent and also brought about exploring things that are outside our comfort or interest.

Jatto Princess



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