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Wednesday 16 December 2020

My Lockdown Experience by Grace Oketogun

 We bring to you different reactions and insightful stories majored in the lives of Students during the Covid-19 Lockdown and the ASUU Strike Break.

I saw the lockdown as a blessing in disguise. It was an opportunity to bond well with my parents and do a lot of things together. Overtime, I got tired of the uneventful days and boring nights. The usual daily routine became tiring so the need to engage myself with something became overwhelming. 

I searched for job opportunities but none was forthcoming so I decided to try acquiring a skill. I wanted to learn something I enjoy doing and love, Dry cleaning was my first choice but I dropped the idea even before it was established. 

I was going to get something in the market one day then I saw a small shoe making shop with a lot of apprentices working tirelessly under the scorching sun and it caught my attention. I got back home and that appealing picture in my heart didn't leave my mind. A spark was ignited in my heart towards shoemaking. The hunger to know more about this skill was becoming overpowering so I googled about female shoemakers in Nigeria and I was impressed with what I saw. 

The next day I strike my father that I wanted to learn shoemaking and he was surprised at my choice of skill but he was impressed at the same time. I found somewhere not too far from my house and I join them in the school of shoe making. Today, I am a student geologist and a female shoemaker in the making all thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown and ASUU strike.

Oketogun Grace. 

Geology, 200l

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