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Friday 28 August 2020

Ten Things To Do Before Graduation


 - Remi Ajayi

    Finally, You've been admitted to study the course of your choice. You're grinning from ear to ear, notifying friends and family of your newly acquired success. You can't wait to resume and graduate with a distinction. But you need to take a pause and think ahead. 

What do you need to do during your days as an undergraduate?

What are some things you need to do before graduation?

As an undergraduate already at the verge of completing your four year plan, what do you need to focus on? What aspirations do you need to work on and develop?

Here is a Number of things:


      Having a degree does not automatically guarantee or entitle you to a job. There is no big formula to acquire a job. The best way to get ahead of your colleagues and soar ahead is, if you start hunting for a job before you graduate. The outside world is filled with thousands of graduates with the same degree as you, people with the same grade and as qualified as you are.

To a reasonable extent, in order to avoid toiling and endlessly waiting for years searching for a job, You have to start your career exploration right from your school days.

You can research branches of your field, Do industrial trainings, Visit various industries, firms and companies to tell them of your wish to become a personnel of their firm, corporation or agency.

Give them convincing reasons that sets you apart from the crowd and why they should consider you for a job instead of your competitors. Make friends with them. Awe them and make them see reasons why you are distinct from the crowd.

More Importantly, before you graduate build a Network and a attachment with your Industry. Get their attention. You can do this with a handful of Professional Sites for your Career like LinkedIn, JobBait ,Nakuri, Careercloud, CareerBuilder,etc.


      Digital skills are defined as a range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications and networks to access and manage information.

You may be wondering what are the kind of digital skills you need to learn in order to keep up with technological trends?

You can learn about

•Web Design/Development

•Digital Marketing

•Graphic Designing


•Mobile App Development.

You can even start working with this skills in major freelancing sites and earning money even while still as an undergraduate.

Having one or more of these skills, sets you apart from your contemporaries.

You stand a higher chance of getting a job because of your versatility.


What are outside skills? These are skills such as catering, Tailoring, fashion designing, shoes designing and the likes.

Even if you probably won't do these things after graduating, You can use them to create a fun time and invent something in your own little way.

It can be some new cloth styles, New cake flavors.

Either ways getting this kind of skill will make you more experienced, versatile and Knowledgeable while at the same time you can be catching fun with it.


     Saving right? Start saving part of your pocket money while still an undergraduate. cut down expenses. The importance of saving and cutting down expenses on less important things cannot be overemphasized. Wishes are not horses that everyone would climb on it. Stop wishing to SAVE

 Start it Now!


     Learn how to handle the computer before you graduate. You need to get acquainted with the basic computer skills before you graduate.

These skills include but not limited to Spreadsheet, Operating systems, Presentation software such as power point and keynote and tools such as Slack and Skype.


     Develop that spirit for building start-ups and being on your own. Learn the art of taking calculated risks before you graduate. This is very important as it will help you build courage in most endeavour of your lives and even in the labour market.


      Driving is a lifelong skill. It is definitely worth giving a try when you're young and when you're an undergraduate. In case you later get the opportunity to own a car, You have a higher chance of mastering the tactics of maneuvering you car far better than your contemporaries.


     Friends are priceless. Surrounding yourself with good people and the same goals as yours will help you reach those goals faster. Great friends build individual experiences faster. So endeavor to make good friends that will push you to success far beyond your undergraduate days.


Graduating with a good grade is definitely a must. One of the worthwhile tales an undergraduate can give is about a good Grade Point Average. Try as much as possible to maintain a good CGPA till the end.


      Investments are like seeds that later yields something beautiful in the long run. Try to make legitimate investments that'll pay off even after you graduate. Investments such as Shares of a company and many others, is a medium you can explore to financially stable and live out your dreams.

These are just part of what you, as an undergraduate should, strive to accomplish before graduation.

Remember, the grass is not always green and roses aren't always red.

We hope your found, this Usable and Informative.

Drop your comments, let's hear your thoughts!

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