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Tuesday 29 October 2019

#OOUDecides2019: LIVE Updates From All Polling Units

Today, 29th October 2019, over 20,000 eligible student voters in Olabisi Onabanjo University will exercise their franchise to decide who leads their Students' Union Government for the 2019/2020 academic session.

OOU Campus Mirror brings you the LIVE Election Updates across 9 polling units in Olabisi Onabanjo University.

General Secretary
D'Silencer - 24
SB Prince - 325
Void Votes - 11
Total Votes:360

Vice President 1
Bukola - 399
Shakeerah - 12
Void - 9
Total - 420

Medical Director 
Dr Solution - 587
Zhul - 444
Void - 790
Total votes - 1811

Social Sciences
Vice President 1
Shakeerah: 116
Bukola: 168
Void: 18
Total votes: 302.

Sport Director
Temmy: 214
OK: 181
Void: 15
Total Votes: 410

Ores: 95
Phemmy: 161
Void: 104
Total votes: 360

General secretary 
D'silencer - 153
SB prince - 205
Void - 62
Total votes - 420

Sport Director
Temmy: 214
OK: 181
Void: 15
Total Votes: 410

Sport Director
OK: 124
Temmy: 510
Void: 139
Total votes: 773

Social Sciences
General Secretary
SB prince: 144
D 'Silencer: 137
Void: 21
Total votes: 302

Medical Director
Dr Solution: 144
Dr Zhul: 137
Void: 62
Total votes: 343

Medical Director
Dr Zhul: 149
Dr Solution:131
Void Votes:80
Total votes:360

Faculty of law 
Social director
Aduke - 290
Don - 46
Bheppo - 37
Void - 47
Total Votes - 420

Social Sciences 
Health Director
Dr Solution: 122
Dr Zhul: 126
Void: 54
Total Votes: 302

General Secretary
D. Silencer - 794
SB Prince - 497
Void - 530
Total Votes: 1811

Social Director
Don - 1818
Bheppo - 00
Aduke - 02
Void - 01
Total Votes: 1821

Social director
Bheppo: 116
Aduke: 146
Don: 56
Void: 25
Total votes: 343

Social Sceince
Social Director
Don: 24
Bheppo: 60
Aduke: 204
Void: 14.
Total vote: 302

Social Director
Aduke: 141
Don: 36
Bheppo: 145
Void votes: 38
Total votes: 360

Sport Director
Ok: 401
Temmy: 1006
Void: 414
Total vote - 1821

Sport Director
OK - 95
Temmy - 283
Void - 42

Total Votes - 420

Sport Director
OK - 95
Temmy - 283
Void - 42
Total Votes - 420

Social Science 
Sports Director
Temmy: 84
OK: 205
Void: 13
Total votes: 302

Sports Director
Temmy: 191
OK: 135
Void: 17
Total votes: 343

Sport Director
Temmy: 312
OK: 26
Void: 22
Total Votes: 360

4:30pm - Voting has ended across various polling units across the campuses and counting is already ongoing.

3:30pm - Voting has been extended till 4pm across all faculties.

#OOOUDECIDES2019 BREAKING: Kempes Allegedly Walks Out Bheppo Abbey Out Of Ibogun Campus.

Former OOU SUG President, Akinbo Afolabi (Kempes) has reportedly walked out a Social Director Aspirant, Bheppo Abbey out of Ibogun campus.

"I have my agent tag on. And he was like I am an aspirant that I don't have the right to be in the Campus.... He asked people to walk me out of the campus", Bheppo told Campus Mirror.

However, kempes has defended himself saying that aspirants cannot act as agents for themselves.

3:14pm - Faculty of Arts. It is 3:00 already, but voting has not ended and counting has not commenced yet.

3:13pm - Elections have successfully ended at the first polling unit at the faculty of Basic Medical Science. The officials said they are unsure about when the ballot papers will be counted as the higher authorities have not yet given the order.

The second polling unit at the college auditorium still has a number of students who are yet to vote. The election is still on but the voting process is still slow. Students are looking tired but they persevere.

3:12pm - Education students are seen calling their friend's to come to school to vote. Begging them that they'll pay their tfare.

3:10pm - Faculty of education extends voting period to 4pm. Says they believe students would still come out In masses to vote.

3:08pm -Faculty of law. Voting set to end by 4pm.

3:06pm - After the protest the officer in charge has decided to carry on with the voting process in Faculty of Science. Voting continues and will now end by 4pm.

3:02pm - Faculty of science. Tension arises as officer in charge stops voting process. Students are seen protesting including the the President of the faculty CH4.

3:00pm - Voting ends at Faculty of Education.

2:55pm - Election still going on in Ibogun. With several guys on ground

2:46pm - Faculty of science. We have more students trooping in to cast their votes though election is still slated to end by 3:00pm.

2:45pm - Faculty of Arts. Students are no more coming, but there are lots of Agents and bystanders.

2:45pm - Voting ended exactly 2:45pm at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The agents and few students who want to witness the counting converge at CTS.

2:30pm - Unconfirmed reports says 2,000 ballot papers has been used in Ayetoro campus.

2:27pm - Faculty of law. 200level direct entry students are not allowed to vote because they don't have matriculation number.

2:28pm - Sagamu - Some students at the first polling unit are attempting to vote without their identity cards but the officials in charge are strongly opposing such act, sending the students away despite their explanations.

2:25pm - Faculty of science. Security officers still trying to calm nerves down between agents as tension tends to escalate.

2:23pm - Faculty of science. Tension arises between agents but security officers are already intervening.

2:22pm - Sagamu - Some students are leaving the second polling unit because of the slow electoral process. The morale has greatly reduced compared to the initial hour of election.

2:20pm - Faculty of Arts. Fight looms as agents from Arts threatens to chase away agents from education, to reciprocate what is done to them too. Security has intervene but there is still argument

2:13pm - Faculty of Science: Election started at faculty of science at 12:10 and they counter 3,100+ ballot papers.

The subdean has been present since the start of the election process

Biochemistry students that have voted are not more than 20 and others are no where to be found.

2:07pm - One of the security is being accused of telling a student whom to vote for in Faculty of Social Sciences. Little agruement occured but one of the soldiers intervene and it was settled immediately.

2:02pm - Faculty of Arts. Everything is fine here No students are coming. Most 200L students are said not to have voted.

2:02pm - Sagamu: Students are still arriving at the polling units to cast their votes, some are turning back on arrival because of the massive number of students present. The supporters of the aspirants are convincing them to stay.

The election process is slow,leaving many students sadly unattended but some are still in high spirits, with a very strong zeal to vote.

2:00pm - FAMS. After an interview with NASS welfare director, it was revealed that a quarrel between the ECO chairman and NASS welfare director was as a result of the NASS welfare director's claim of students that have voted re-casting their votes.

The security men dissolved the claims saying that he doesn't have proof to bask his claims.

BREAKING: Tension In Ibogun As 'Big Boys' Whisk Away Eco Rep

Tension is currently breeding in the Ibogun campus of Olabisi Onabanjo University as some 'big boys' has whisked away the presiding officer for the election in the campus.

The presiding Officer is Adesina Emmanuel representing Faculty of Arts.

Campus Mirror Reporter is also being threatened to be kidnapped.

1:57pm - Former SUG Social Director, Phembazz reportedly scatters election process in Faculty of Education.

1:53pm - Hulabaloo comes in as they send shagamu and ayetoro agent from Faculty of education.

1:52pm - Faculty of Arts: Argument ensues as a supposed graduate wants to vote and agents shouts.

1:50pm - There are relatively low number of students at Faculty of Administrative and Management Sciences.

1:47pm - Faculty of science. Security officers are are enforcing students who have already casted their votes leave the premises. Cast your vote and leave is what can be heard from them.

1:46pm - Sagamu. There is tension amongst the students, all in the struggle to cast their votes. Students are no longer well organised as there are pushes and verbal complaints to be in front of the presiding officers to cast their votes.

1:42pm - Ibogun - Campus Mirror Election Observer says unidentified persons are threatening to kidnap her.

1:42pm - Students who have not voted at Faculty of Education are decreasing gradually.

1: 34pm - Sagamu - There are still hundreds of students who are yet to cast their votes, frustration is setting in as the security guards are becoming aggressive with their approach.

1:29Pm - Faculty of law. The election is going on well... Students are still voting.

1:25pm. Eection in Faculty of Social Sceinces is going on well....More students are coming to vote.

1: 23pm - Students are not coming again. "I guess some are scared.", says Campus Mirror Reporter.

1:21pm - Election now going peacefully in Faculty of Administrative and Management Sciences. No more quarrels. Agents asked to step back

1:18pm: Elections is now relatively peaceful in Ibogun. The former president Kempes just came around to pacify One "Erigga" who wants to cause further commotion.

However, Agents are not effective here.

"My major concern is the fact that this Election is control by Multiple people.", says Campus Mirror reporter.

Policemen have also arrived.

1:16pm - Faculty of Arts. Quarrel ensue as an unidentified student is caught voting for the 3rd time.

1:08pm - Allaged Foul at FAMS polling unit as officers supposedly mark students that are yet to vote.

12:35pm - Elections started at Sagamu Campus by 12:35pm. At the BMS building for faculties of clinical sciences and pharmacy. Two ballot boxes in total, one for each venue. The elections have been peaceful and orderly here. A total of five presiding officers.

A total of 500 ballot papers for both medicine and pharmacy students.

1:04pm - Fight has started in Ibogun campus.

1:03pm - Faculty of Science. Election officers are complaining on not seeing enough biochemistry students.

1:00pm - Faculty of Arts. Education student allegedly caught voting here. Some agent call security attention, others says it's not true.

12: 58pm - Faculty of LAW - Students not allowed to vote with Library card or school fee receipt.

12:58pm - Faculty of science. No issues according to Campus Mirror reporter. Voting still ongoing peaceful and well organised.

12:54pm - Faculty of Arts. Security accost 400l student on dressing, says she cannot vote.

12:52pm - Voting Started Fully in Ibogun Campus.

12:50pm - Election About to Start in Ibogun campus. To end by 3:00pm

12: 34pm - Voting is still peaceful in Faculty of Arts. BUT Campus Mirror Reporter was almost slapped by an unidentified student.

12:23pm - Faculty or Arts: Argument over mode of arrangement by security officials, whether students are lined in twos or departmental.

12: 10pm - Voting has commenced at Faculty of Science.

11:53am - Voting has commenced at Faculty of Social Sciences.

11: 50am - A 200L Student from Faculty of Science came to vote in Faculty of Education. Her ID card has been siezed.

11: 41am - Faculty of Social Sciences - 2,105 ballot papers on ground but 1,000 is being counted now because of time. Others might be sorted later.

11:30am - Voting has started at Faculty of Education. Our Reporters says it started by 10am.

11: 30am - Counting of Ballot papers ongoing at Faculty of Social Sceinces

11: 21am - Voting has commenced at Faculty of Law

11:27am - Faculty of Arts. Agents agitating on restraint by security officials, says they need to monitor election.

11:21am - Faculty of Arts. Voting starts. Total number of accredited voters is 1,787.

11:17am - At Faculty of Arts, 300 ballot papers has been counted. But counting has been suspended.

11:07am - Faculty of Arts has began counting of ballot papers.

11:05am - 703 valid ballot paper and 1 void counted. Contrary to the supposed 813 ballot paper.

Voting has been suspended at the faculty of law, agents insist that the ballot papers are complete before voting can commence.

10:57am - Ballot papers just arrived at Faculty of Social Sciences.

10: 32am - No ballot papers seen at Faculty of Social Sciences.

10:30 am - The ballot paper have just arrived at the faculty of Law.

10:30am - The Dean of Students' Affairs just arrived and ballot papers have just arrived at Faculty of Arts.

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