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Sunday 16 June 2019

Campus HYPE: Meet Adusi Munachimso, Our Angelic Imo Queen 😍

Have you ever wondered why most people are obsessed and attracted to Imo girls? Take a look at our decorated, angelic and beautified Campus Hype for this week for a pictorial illustration of your answer.

Adusi Munachimso Uchechukwu, a 300L student of Educational Foundation & counselling needs no introduction in the realm of beauty queens. The damsel is not only a beautiful and intelligent creature, but an embodiment of talent 'in and out'.

Raw Gold as she is popularly called is a model and an upcoming actress who hopes to become successful in the field.

Muna can be gentle and stubborn at the same time. Our beautiful queen has a 'what you see is what you get' attitude. She's kind at heart and open to all but she detests liars and pretenders.

Not only is she 3000 yards of wife material, she is also a lover of God and she's extremely cool at heart. She can be so caring to the extent of borrowing you money without asking for a return 😅. Her food can make you forget your sorrow or make you delightfully want her as a wife. But sorry to break your heart, she is already taken. 😝

Likes: Truthfulness, Honesty
Dislikes: Pretence, Lies
Favourite food: Fried Rice & Chicken/Yam & Egg Sauce
Hobbies: Dancing, talking, sleeping, eating, engaging in educative talks
DOB: July 17
Favourite colour: Black
Relationship status: Dating
Favourite Quote: What goes around comes around

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