"They Used 3 Buckets Of Water To Wash My Blood" - Student Who Was Stabbed By Hallmate Narrates Near-Death Experience - OOU Campus Mirror

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Monday 1 April 2019

"They Used 3 Buckets Of Water To Wash My Blood" - Student Who Was Stabbed By Hallmate Narrates Near-Death Experience

Life and Death is just a matter of seconds. Only those who are alive can get a chance to testify or narrate their escape their transformation to the other realm.

It was a regular Tuesday evening in Ilaporu where Wuraola (surname witheld) lives. Like every other person's expectation, it is to sleep, wake and prepare to for an entire new day. Unfortunately, a sad incident struck and Wuraola was in the pool of her own blood before she was rescued.

Campus Mirror gathered that Wuraola was stabbed by a fellow hallmate and student after a minor disagreement ensured between both parties over the use of fetcher.
Although Wuraola admitted to have first slapped the accused, she explained that she thought the disagreement was already brought to a calm before the incident occurred.

"I was still outside when she came and started threatening to beat me and before I knew she removed a louvres and broke it on my head three times and ran away almost immediately."

Narrating her near-death experience, Wuraola said that she was already feeling weak and it tooks efforts of her friends for her to be rescued.

"The blood were just too much, just gushing out, I was actually thinking someone was pouring water on my face until I got to know that it was my blood pouring. I was already getting weak  Even before people came to rescue me, I was already on the floor and couldn't move.

"They used 3 buckets of water to wash away the blood. Even when they were stitching it at the hospital, the blood still didn't stop."
Although the issue is said to have been amicably resolved between both parties, Wurola told Campus Mirror that the incident remains fresh in her heart and she will continue to be grateful to God for saving her from untimely death.

By Busayomi Adebayo

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