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Monday 7 May 2018

Lecturers, Students Commend Lymar On Campaign Against Examination Malpractice

The Campaign Against Examination Malpractice which was held on Monday 30th of April and Tuesday 1st of May 2018 was organized by the SUG Vice President, Lawal Halimat (Lymar).

 The event began with a rally on Monday from the SUG building across the school premises and ended with a  lecture on Tuesday.

It was graced with the presence of dignitaries including, Dr Abosede, HOD of Business Administration who is also a member of the Students' Disciplinary Committee; Dean, Faculty of Education, Prof. Alaba Adenuga; Dr F.O Adesanmi from the department of Public Administration amongst others.

The speakers spoke concerning the issue of examination malpractice in the university, giving crucial reasons why students should 'read to succeed' and not engage in shameful and dubious acts.

 Students were also made to know that this offence is punishable with not less than 3-4 semesters suspension.

Lymar, when asked about what moved her to organize the event said that when she saw how students were being punished at the SDC , being a member of the committee, she felt "this awareness must be made". She described this as her " sincere reason" not  to elevate her political status as some students think.

The vice president also acknowledged her motivators which were Dr Abosede and Dr Adesanmi who encouraged her to organize this event.

She further expressed her happiness at the way the event went, even though the population was not as she expected.
Students were bold enough to ask questions and the lecturers gave them the necessary and adequate answers.

Dr Abosede, when interviewed rated the event as "highly educative as there are a lot of misconducts in the university". He also expects it to go a long way in the lives of students.

Professor Adenuga, the Dean, Faculty of Education said "this programme is the first of its kind and is expected to touch every student's life but unfortunately some students won't turn around where they are supposed to benefit positively".  He further expressed optimism that the event would reduce cases of examination malpractice in the University.

By Oluwaluyi Oluwatola

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