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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Campus Personality: Meet Our Best Campus Drummer

Having searched every nook and cranny of this country, our camera couldn't capture any lazy youth but a vibrant, industrious and unadulterated drummer. A round Peck in a round whole. The impeccable with unusual features. That's the nature and the best adjectives that can describe this consummate and first-rate  drummer. When drummers are discussed , if Joesticks is not mentioned , it is not complete.

Joesticks is one of the polished, artistic, adroit, dexterous and accomplished  percussionist that cannot be compared. He is a product of Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa, who also won  the  best campus  drummer award of the year in 2014 during the drumming festival at his campus.
He studied Computer science /Physics,  a very humble Personality that everyone will wish to mingle with. He plays with enthusiasm,  he loves his ministry with passion, that's why when he is on drums he handles the sticks with care but it produces a very titillating and tantalizing melody. Joshua is one of the few who aspire to  flourish in the music industry. He's so adaptive to the extent of being capable of working with everyone.

The desire to excel in the music industry has been burning like a  bushfire  in  the  harmattan since his childhood and it has been resounding in every corner. His hands on drums is like private jet, sincerely, you need to witness the mellifluous sound of his beats, unbeaten and incomparable.

This skilled and instinctual drummer has been the source of inspiration to many people via his ministration through the drum set. Having invested much efforts in his music line, Joesticks promised to refire and re-strategise, so as to have the best results he has been expecting.  Currently, Joesticks is a  drummer at Family Teaching Centre,  Isolo, Lagos where he disharges his God given talent..

You can reach Joesticks through the details below

Full name: Samuel Joeshua
State: Abejukolo Omala, Kogi.
Facebook Username: Samuel Joesticks
Instagram: Samuel Joesticks
Phone: 08039643515

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