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Thursday 3 May 2018

Campus HYPE: Meet Egbo Yetunde Morenikeji, OOU's Finest Young Female Dancer 💃

At age 6,  what were you busy doing?   playing mummy's pet?  Pranks? Or rolling tyres on those street of yours?  Lol...  got you!  This natural dancer  built a career in dancing at the tender age of 6, and right now, the 100l student of Mass Communication is a celebrity dancer.

She is one of the few that despise fake life.  Being real issa goal,  'Alakada'  is not  allowed. 

Despite her friendliness,  Egbo Yetunde Morenikeji still act on self worth. In Mo-Rennie's  diary,  God is the ultimate, nothing else before God,  her first love.

The first daughter of the Egbo 's family has a special skill in making people like her easily,  a talent that is actually a plus to her media profession.  Her life is a testimony of grace which the regular church girl will never stop thanking God for. Yes, she is committed but social to an extent and also a good flirt...shuuuu.. not with your boyfriend ooo.  Morenike flirt well enough with her lovy dovy,  her perfect man.

Many sees her as being unpredictable.  Her ways of seeing things is quite different from others and her perspective is unique.  The Ogun state born is a role model to people,  yet she still hope for more.

With God by her side, determination and self worth, Egbo Yetunde Morenikeji is going to the highest peak,  no doubt.

Best Food: Rice and stew
Favourite Quote: Never lose your self worth
Favourite Celebrity: Davido
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Like: Being Real
Dislike: Unseriousness
Hobbies: Chatting,  Dancing,  reading and hanging out with friends
DOB: May 3rd
Phone: 07038368767

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