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Tuesday 17 April 2018

SUG Legal Week: Lexzicon Calls For Students' Participation

The OOU SUG Legal Director, Comrade Olatunji Johnson popularly known as Lexicon has made it known that the support of Oouites will make the forthcoming SUG Legal Week a huge success.

In an interview with Campus Mirror, Lexicon said that the program is targeted at reducing the rates at which police harass students and citizens without a just cause. "The driving force behind this forthcoming SUG Legal week is just our relentless urge to serve the entire Oouites. In this community, the rate at which the police arrest and harass students and citizens is becoming so alarming, we want to put an end to that, though, not in a confrontational manner, we want to do it in a friendly way, we're doing it in an intellectual manner", said Lexicon.

Campus Mirror gathered that the program is scheduled to hold on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday, 18th of April, 2018. The first day, 17th, being for 'public lecture' and, the second day, 18th, for 'A Friendly Health Work with the Police'.

While answering questions from Campus Mirror, Lexicon noted that the topic of the public lecture is titled "The Nigerian Police and Protection of Rights of Nigerian citizens". He further said that, the essence of the 'Friendly Health Walk with the Police' is to ensure that the police are brought closer to students. "We need to do it intellectually, we want to bring the police closer to the students, we need to tell them that, look, this is our rights, you have to respect them. In Aluta, we have 3Cs, this is just the first C, we want to start with the first C which is Consultation.

I also want the entire OOUites to know that T-shirts will be made available and free for students in respect of the rally. However, it will be made available for only those that attends the public lecture", said Lexicon.

By Adeyemi Adebayo

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