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Sunday 29 April 2018

10 People Who Could Emerge As the Next OOU SUG President

 Life! Everything has its beginning and end. Just like yesterday, the stallion votes of Dr.Williams overrode the interest and shambled the aspiration of his fellow running mates. The spirituality behind the connection of "DADHE" & "GEE-O" yielded nothing. Even the Olowu could not preside over "OOU" Owu kingdom. DotunVanguard,  at the die minute retired from OOU politics to take time to study his Vanguard. It was all an interesting drama to behold.

Today, it's no news that the Adeosun Led administration will be reportedly dissolved on the 18th of May, 2018. The chants of "Greatest gbagba! Greatest gbo-gbo! Greatest fo won ni go lori!", must be ready to invade the campus again.

While we are still oblivious on Aspirants who might be trying their luck to turn the table around in their favour, we've come out with a 10-man list of possible aspirants from Ago-iwoye campus. They include;


The popular human right activist from the Faculty of law who is also the CEO of OOU Premium. Recent weeks, it has been so obvious that he is heading towards the Law Students' Society direction. But, it will not be surprising if the popular SUG critic decides to grab the bull by its horn.


Mr. Timothy, the Progenitor of the yet to be implemented "TimoFree Transport Scheme" aims at mobilizing students in and outside campus at no cost. Could this be a political propaganda? Will timosharp, the current SUG Assistant  Secretary General  1 become the next number one  OOUites.? It only takes times before we find out...


Ogunbona Temiloluwa a.k.a Gbera, is a 300 level Mass Communication student. The current SUG Social-Director has allegedly once shown her interest to run for the presidency during one of the Mass Communication stakeholders' meeting. She reportedly set a record as the first female SUG Social Director. Will she repeat this feat if she decides to run for Presidency?


The Current NASS President,  Kareem Olumide is a popular antagonist of the ReBranding movement. He has once claimed to be contented to be labelled "cheap minority" as long as he fights for the interest of the School, in response to Mujib Caballo's article on rebranding is concern. Does he have a better plan or project for OOU? Will he need the Presidency post to implement them?


The Current vice president 1 of the  2017/18 OOU SUG, is the brain behind the "Campaign against examination malpractice". Will she gain more popularity with this campaign and direct it towards becoming the first female SUG president in OOU?


Shodunke Olatunji is a semi-finalist of the Mass-Communication department. Teejay, who had expressed his ambition to contest for the post of SUG Presidency at the Mass-Communication stakeholders' meeting has recently raised some speculation,that he is trying to get assimilated with how things are been done in the Aluta Chamber. Or is he hunting for a godfather?


Not Java Application but Adeyemi Sodiq of the Faculty of Science, popularly called JAVA of Science. Java was a NASS Presidential aspirant before he was disqualified on the election day. He was later appointed for Special Duties under the Adeosun Williams led administration.

At Java's presence, the choruses of "incoming,incoming,incoming..." is sang. Therefore, we are curious and can't help but wonder if the once labelled "bastard of Science" will become the next "bonafide number 1 OOUite".


Mr. Campus Mirror, as he is popularly called, is a 300 level student of Mass Communication. The Editor-in-Chief of the most read journal on campus has raised eyebrow with a picture he used as his Whatsapp profile picture. The Picture had an inscription "Aina Tolulope 2019" below his (Tolulope) image which was at the center. Also, at the top-left corner was the SUG logo and at the top-right corner was the Nigeria Coat of Arm. He's not old enough to contest for the Country's number one office, is he? But, one thing is sure, he is old enough and qualified to contest for the SUG presidential post. Will he give it a Go? We'll find out.


Revt. Iman Faith defiled all odds when he defeated Kolawole Opeoluwa (Pundit) to emerge the incumbent SUG Welfare Director. Since then, he has been active in union activities notably leading the SUG fund raising campaign for Babatunde Oresanya.

Although his proposed Welfare Week didn't see the light of the day, with close observant, it is believe  that the gentle looking would be key if the Faculty of Science is keen to claim the SUG Presidency which it has failed to have for years now.


Adebola Adesoji popularly known as SOJAY is a 400L Law Student, a member of Inner Temple Law Association and the incumbent General  Secretary of the Students' Union. Earlier in December, it was rumored that he was going to be impeached after a francass between himself and the Union President, Williams Adeosun.

Although, much has not been seen publicly from his office and the General Secretary of the union, it is belived that the Faculty of Law is keen on making him the next Union President at all cost. Will he rise beyond the odds of his little popularlity to become the Student's Presidential choice?

Complied by Campus Mirror

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