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Monday 29 January 2018

Visionist Blasts FASA Executives, Says President And Others Are Doing nothing

All eyes are open as the FASAites observes in silence the current Akeem Taofeeq led FASA administration yet to be in action and fulfilment of his manifesto.

With the slow and steady tactics employed by the administration, Ayantuga Dipo, well known as Visionist who was an aspirant for the post of the General Secretary in the faculty spoke explicitly with Campus Mirror.

He believed there is no more time to waste for the current administration. "I heard the budget has not been approved yet and it won't actually make any sense because we are running to the final quarter of the first semester which means they will only be left with nothing less than second semester which is three month to actualise the aims they are projecting" Ayantuga Dipo A.K.A Visionist claimed that if the administration should continue like this, it would have a bad effect on students. "If they continue this same way then we should expect negative change.

I think they should have actually done some things of which FASAites can pin point." He further explained that the executives are not performing their expected duty. "Apart from OSA, that I see his updates online which is the PRO, I have not seen anything being carried out by the so called Excel including their manifesto.

"Apart from the fact that Taiwo is a good friend of mine, the truth has to be told. Maybe he has a schedule or plans, I don't know but if we are not seeing results we won't keep quite.

He conclusively gave a word of advice to the current administration, "It is not enough to be elected, it is what you promised to do that we want to see. "Go back to your drawing board, look at the listed agenda during your manifesto, work on some of it and before you know it, our great Faculty Of Arts would be be a better place.

By Babalola Israel

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