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Monday 29 January 2018

The Demands of Academic Excellence

(Sedicious Leo) A Jewish father said to his son," if you like to play around, you will need to earn your free time - it takes a good education and excellent grades. Then you can get a good job and make enough money. Having earned your way, you can play around for a much longer time with far more expensive toys. Legitimately, the power to succeed is in Education ( Academics)".

Success does not come on a platter of gold because if wishes were horses, everyone will ride. Academic excellence is similarly the essence of pursuit in all academic endeavors. The demands of Academic success can be compared to a football match whose target is the net in order to score a goal. The prize is won by scoring a number of goals and not dribbling the opponents.

There will be no Academic Success without meeting the requirements, rudiments and scaling through the obstacles of Academic pursuits.

1. Goal setting: the goal getters are the pacesetters. Success cannot be attained if there are no set out goals. It is not too late to set the goals but also go after the goals. This is a vital rule in the field of success. Goals helps you to ' think outside the box'. Go for your goals to get your gold.

2. Purposeful actions: there must be actions taken to achieve those set goals. You have no time to misuse. Let actions be prompt, practical, persistent and with full grit to diligently pursue the written goals for success.

3. Mind conditioning: success demands that you visualise and imagine your expectations. Your goals become worthwhile rather than something out of reach. When you reinforce your mindset positively, it gives the motivation to go through the journey of academics in order to achieve great success.

4. Prioritize: learn the principle and practice of prioritizing tasks. List your daily routines or activities as profitable or unprofitable, important or unimportant to make prudent use of the time. This tactic enables the accomplishment of one's goals. Daniel became a prime minister because of his purposefulness. Jesus Christ is an epitome of good success. His background did not get him on the ground. His birth, vocation and His ministry detailed success that should be emulated.

Academic success is not a myth if you adhere to the principles and not concern yourself to profit less engagements - a ladder to the top. Frankly speaking, I will love you to free yourself of limiting beliefs. Goals are dreams with commitments to make them a reality.

By Onah Lynda

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