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Friday 12 January 2018

University: An Escape to Freedom

Big Congratulations to all Freshers.

You are highly welcome to this free restricted world called "University", we say a big congratulations to you. 

Gaining admission into this great institution is an opportunity leading to the path of success while to some it's an "Escape".

An escape from Jamb, an escape to the real world, an escape from home, an escape to FREEDOM.

Yes, freedom is an inevitable part of man's life but when misused, sometimes, it can be as deadly as an infection without cure.
For every action, there is a purpose. This literally means that your coming into this citadel of learning is for a purpose. Prepare a budget of what you want from this institution and begin to work towards.

Dear Fresher, discover your purpose here while it is still early, for time waits for no one. However, "All works without fun makes Jack a dull boy" is a slang amidst OOUites, but please, set a limit for fun and remember that two things that can never be retrieved when misued are time and Opportunity which you have both now.

Don't graduate without having a Knowledge of what you studied for years.

OOU Campus Mirror wishes you a peaceful stay on Campus. Remember, no dream is impossible to achieve. Start dreaming because your tomorrow is now!

By Aladejuyigbe Omokehinde (Editor, OOU Campus Mirror)

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