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Sunday 17 December 2017

This Christmas, Cut Your Coat According To Your Size

Here comes the season of love, celebration, giving and receiving. The birth of our lord Jesus Christ and the arrival of a new year is usually accompanied with lot of merriments, events, goodies and expenses.

Many believe that the more you spend during this festive period determines your gracefulness to God .

Have you ever wondered why an individual will involve in a daily contributions from January till December just to celebrate Christmas and New Year to its fullest?

Some even go as far as seeking loans in banks all in the name of 'New
Year' and 'Christmas ' celebration.

Surprisingly, this attitude is not only rampant amidst the older ones but
has also manoeuvre its way among the youths. Extra miles are covered
by many just to celebrate in 'style'.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against the celebration but why don't you cut your wears according to your size. Christmas and New Year will  keep emerging but the scars you might have caused yourself is likely to
remain permanent.

As we prepare for this joyful season, don't forget to spend wisely, eat  wisely (don't eat away your destiny) and remember that Jesus loves you.

In advance, Campus Mirror Editorial Crew wishes you a colourful Christmas and fantastic New Year.

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