NASS Election: "My Disqualification Was Unfair And Unjust" - Says, Java - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 17 December 2017

NASS Election: "My Disqualification Was Unfair And Unjust" - Says, Java

Whilst tongues are still whistling on matters arising from the recently held election of the National Association of Science Students, one of the Presidential aspirants, Adeyemi Sodiq Adedamola, popularly known as 'Java' has said that his disqualification was unfair and devoid of justice.

Java made this known while speaking explicitly to Campus Mirror on the election and other political issues.

"It was a surprise when I got to the venue of the election and I could not found my name on the ballot papers. I was told by the ECO Chairman that I have been disqualified because of my CGPA.", Java said.

Although he described the election as "free and fair", He lamented the rationality behind his  disqualification stating that it was devoid of the principles of fairness and natural justice. Accordingly, he added that the NASS Constitution does not even provide for CGPA requirements.

"In constitution, there is nothing to write about in CGPA. NASS constitution does not make provision for CGPA.

"Maybe the ECO Chairman and other co-aspirants discovered that I had issues with my results in the department. As at then, I was writing letter so that about 3 results would be released. Maybe that was why they used CGPA to disqualify me

"And  have once asked the Eco Chairman, he told me the required CGPA is 3.0, but on the election day, I was told 2.5. The CGPA as 2.5 qualified me for the election.

Java described the decision to disqualify him as intentional and a pre planned political game against his aspiration.

"Many of the co-aspirants were aware of  the issues I had with my result. During the election, I had 3 results which has not been released. So, I believe my disqualification was injustice, I believe it was a game played by the electoral committee and some aspirants that the ECO supported.", he said.

However, the 300L student of Mathematical Science said that he has moved on.

"Que sera sera means What will be will be", Java said.

"I believe in spite of all,  life should continue. It was not yet my time. Even if the election was conducted, maybe I would have lost. So, I believe God does not want me to be in that position as at that period of time, that is why things went that way.", Java added.

Pertaining his opponent, Olumide Faithking who emerged President, Java said that  the relationship would continue despite the controversies that surface  during the election

"Faithking is my best friend and would forever be my best friend", Java asserted.
In his closing remarks he urged the entire OOUites to ensure peace and avoid fight when disgusting issues arises. In his words, all students should know that 'Change begins with me'.

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