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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Campus Hype: Adigun Gbemisola

Classy, charming, belle, stunner and cute are perfect adjectives that can totally qualify Adigun Gbemisola, a 300L student from the department of Mass Communication in the great citadel, Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Gbemi is fondly called 'Mhz Ebony', a name ascribed to her after she was awarded 'Miss Ebony' by her department. 

She's one of the good lovers of music. Perhaps, watching movies and listening to music is a very momentous key of unlocking boredomness in her world.

Frankly speaking, she is one of the competent and qualified introverts, a regular church goer and a feminist in nature who believes in equality. Dancing, partying or clubbing aren't her ways at all. Hence, she can also be described as "a very innocent girl".

As the mortar is to the pestle, so is Gbemisola  to baking. She confess that she love doing it. More interestingly, 
She is the only daughter to her parent and her aspiration spreads beyond becoming a journalist in life. Moreover, being a a good communicator as well as an advertiser is one of the professions she's aspiring for in her life time.

Likes: Watching movie, cooking, pressing phone, taking beautiful pictures.
Dislikes: Fake Friends, liars.
Favourite Colour: Pink
Best food: Rice and plantain
State of Origin: Ondo State
Phone: 08077076350

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