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Wednesday 9 March 2022

Coping with Nigeria Weather Changes; Heat season in Focus

by Tolulope Oni 

In Nigeria, there are three weather changes; the hot, the rain, and the harmattan season. When it comes to the weather we prefer, it varies from person to person but it is unlikely that anyone loves the hot season. Most people prefer the harmattan and rainy season. These could be managed with warm clothes and warm meals but the heating season cannot be easily managed. 

The country's high temperature, complimented by the sun's closeness is a condition we have all adapted to; it is simply the climatic nature of the region. 

However, the hot season is mostly unbearable because the only option that would reduce the heat and help manage it is electricity. We need light to freeze drinks, to put on the fan or AC, and to do other things that would make life a little more bearable during this period. Whereas the other option which could have stood in for light is fuel but for over a month now, the country has witnessed a recent fuel scarcity, which has posed another barrier to managing hot weather in Nigeria. 

In light of this, I have curated 6 tips for you, these will help you to manage the weather change. These tips can be seen below: 

Six Coping Tips

  • Drink enough water: 

Medically, it is advised to drink enough water because it helps to hydrate the body. When there is extreme heat, the body reacts by sweating which causes a great loss of water in the body. Dehydration makes us weak and most often, leads to dizziness and fainting. It is, therefore, advisable to drink plenty of water even if you don't feel thirsty. You should always take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. Water is life. 

  • Take showers constantly: 

Another way to keep the body cool is by taking a shower as often as possible. Extreme sweating is accompanied by body odor, therefore, it is important to wash up all the time as in everything you do, ensure you don't have a body odor.

  • Seek shelter in cool environments: 

You should spend as much time as possible in cool, well-ventilated, or air-conditioned buildings like libraries, shopping centers, cinemas, or community centers. All these are good places to relax and cool your body. Also, endeavor to stay away from the sun during the hottest period of the day.

  • Keep your dressing moderate and light: 

During the hot season, you should endeavor to wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers like cotton and linen. Your dressing should be free and light. Don't make yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable for any reason at all. 

  • Be mindful of what you eat:

Do you know that the heat produced in our bodies can be connected to the kind of food we eat? Foods such as oil, butter, etc produce more heat in the body as compared to fruits and vegetables. Also, cut cooking as much as possible if you can. Cooking generates heat. Eat smaller meals more often and take cold fruits or drinks to cool the body. 

  • Do away with extra sources of heat:

Light bulbs are known to generate heat hence, switch them off when not in use. Think about doing things to make your home feel cool such as fixing a blind or blocking out the sun during the day by closing curtains or blinds. 


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