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Tuesday 13 April 2021

"My Father Almost Disowned Me Because I dance" - Mo - Rennie

Dancing for Yetunde is an inborn talent, an activity she can not do without. Perhaps, when she got so intrigued with music videos at a very age, she didn't know it could make her famous 

In this Chat with Popular OOU Entertainer and Dancer, Morenike Egbo also known as Mo - Rennie, who is a Student of Mass Communication in Olabisi Onabanjo University, laid it bare about herself and her Dreams.

The Following are the Excerpts.

Let's Meet You?

My name is Egbo Yetunde Morenike, I'm a Student of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University, 300level. I'm a Dancer, practically an Entertainer.

What Inspired You to go into Dancing?

 Basically, you do more than a Normal Student, most students come to school and give back, but you do something more phenomenal.?

I'll say I got inspired when I was young, i was at the age of 5, I watch a lot of Music Videos, I see people around me who dance too. From there I started, and since then we have been pushing it till now. 

How did it start properly, being a Professional Dancer?

Professional, I started 4 years ago, after my secondary school, from there, I started joining Dance Groups, start building up to myself to actually become a Dance Instructor at a Dance Academy to Videos Shoot.

Are you with any Dance Group Presently?

Yes, I'm with one, but not right here in School. They are based in Lagos but I have a dance partner, but it depends on how it happens; sometimes I team up with some other dancers.

What have been your Achievement so far? 

I can practically say I have achieved so far by been in most Videos shoot in this present music industry, I have been in the Videos of Olamide, Zlatan, Lil kesh, Ruggedbaba, and so others too. So, right here in school, I Happen to bag the award of Best Dancer of the  Year, for the  Social Sciences Faculty, I'm still hoping for more, more, more.

We've seen videos you had with Poco Lee, a Popular Dancer in the Entertainment Scene. Tell us how you got to meet Poco Lee?

Yes, actually I have known Poco Lee for a long time, back then, we do dance together back then about 3 years Ago before he badged Stardom. I happen to be his dance partner, even though School has been very tasking, sometimes you just have to leave me to do one. I met Poco lee, 3years ago in his School, he is a Student of LASU then, we started some projects together, and we were able to Scale through, we were in a lot of videos, short clips, Instagram....

How do you manage this kind of Popularity?

It depends on the way you handle yourself; I learnt something from my boss that is Poco Lee, he will say, Just Humble yourself, be you. Have been trying to go through this by being myself not changing anything.

Are there any Challenges you face to be a to put out your Dreams?

Yes, especially since I gained Admission into OOU. I have faced a lot of challenges with my Education, but schooling in this institution has never been a limitation, back then, I go out a lot, Videos Shoots, coming back, and all. At this stage, I just believe with patience, you will get to where you are supposed to get to. But, Education first, Education is the Key. My Boss now is a Graduate of LASU, there most dancers that are not educated. I just have to lay low for now.

What was your Parents Reaction to your dream of Dancing, especially Your mum?

That's a big Question. Because, when I stared dancing about 5 years old, They thought it was a normal thing. Back then, in primary school;  Cultural dance, Choreography, I'm always at the front. When people notice, you will reply, she is small. When I got to SS1 or 2, that she started seeing me go for dance rehearsal, she was surprised but says just Know what you're doing. But my dad, was like "You can't dance...People who dances are prostitute". Initially, I told him I want to study performing Arts, he objected, that's why, I had to choose Mass Communication. There was one day, I went for a Show, and I came back, he was like you have to pack your bags and leave this house; am disowning you. My mum and I started begging him, at a point he used whip on me, telling him this is my Career. Since, he has been calling me this is my Career...Even since, he left me, when I got into the University, moving with the likes of Poco Lee. He felt I was distracted, so he invited a Lecturer from University of Lagos, to come talk to me. Seeing me on TV was somehow awkward for him, he saw me in a Music Video and asked my Younger sister who was reluctant to answer him, however there was a Difference he noticed between me and other Dancers that made him Leave me and I have Learnt to manage the family thing.

How do you see yourself in the Next Five Years?

I see myself up there. Stardom and all. I'm just stopping at Dancing,I'll be into Entertainment. That's why Studying Mass Communications is not a Regret. Opening my Dance School, and More.

Your Advice to Students who wants to give into the Entertainment industry in OOU too?

First, is to stay Focused. This Education cannot take more than 4 years, within time you can actually achieve what you want and you can combine it. That's if you're hardworking enough. When it comes for you to pick one, Education should come first. Dance is still something you can do later.

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