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Sunday 13 May 2018

Higher Everyday with Praise Adeyemi - Gospel Of Peace

In Luke 8:48 and Luke 7:50, Jesus told them, "Go in peace, your sins are forgiven" and this reminds me of the story of Barabbas.

Well, we don't really know much about him only that he's a criminal, a thief, a murderer placed side by side with Jesus. Jesus stood there watching the crowd pick Barabbas over him, he never said a word. Barabbas was accused of not one single sin but Jesus who even raised the dead was termed 'the criminal'

Logically that doesn't even make any sense, does it? Do you know that in that story, I am Barabbas, you are Barabbas. I could just paint a picture of that event and imagine Jesus saying to Barabbas 'Go in peace, Go son!  Don't worry about your past, I will pay the price, the price is too much for you'.

He did not deserve it, neither did we but Jesus said to us Go in Peace, live your life I'll pay for your sins, I'll pay for your past. He was bruised, beaten and hanged for our sins. So it would be painful to see people work out their own righteousness, setting standards, trying to pay for your sins STOP IT! you would never survive it, it's not even your righteousness, It's by his righteousness that we were made righteous, yes we did nothing to qualify for it but he saved us because he loved us.

He himself is our peace! Helping us to make decisions against the flesh (Eph2:14) and in Col 3:15 the Bible says 'let his peace reign in our hearts' The only reason why you would not feel peace in your heart is because Christ is not there. Phil(4:17) says the peace of God that is better than human understanding.

Or you might have received Christ and you feel my life is not so perfect yet?  He told me to tell you that he already overcame!  John 16:33 says trials may come but I overcame!
Why don't you receive into your heart today?  He is waiting on you to receive his Peace, he desires you more than you do, he loves you far more than you love him. Open yourself to him today!

You can call this number for counselling (07069681354) I would be delighted to hear from you.

Have a 'higher' week.

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