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Monday 5 February 2018

We Are Not Vision-Less - Taiwo Replies Visionist

The General Secretary of the Faculty of Arts Students' Association (FASA), Comrade Adeyinka Taiwo Adebayo has acclaimed that Orunmila led FASA administration is not vision-less contrary to reports that was published in media in recent weeks.

Comrade Taiwo made this known in an interview with Campus Mirror where he noted that 'it is instructive for people to understand what budget approval entails and, sincerely, it is too early for people to start judging the successfulness or otherwise of the administration because of the fact that the budget hasn't been signed by the legislative arms of the association.

"We are not Vision-less, Orunmila is trying his best, SUG is performing without approval of budget, I think it's high time we started thinking beyond the bracket." Taiwo said.

He vehemently discouraged those who have nothing to focus on than the income and expenditures of association albeit other things that needed attention.

"I was surprised when I read from the media that Orunmila's administration is a failure, I think tagging our administration a failure at this early stage and judging the successfulness or otherwise of the administration on the basis of signing of budget or not is an act of ignorance.", the General Secretary said.

He also alleged that the criticism that came from a former general secretary aspirant, Visionist, is just 'a selective political criticism' devised to address nothing but to create awareness. Similarly, He faulted the singular appraisal of the PRO for performing his constitutional duties describing it as 'an highest order of ignorance'.

"Although Visionist is a good friend whose thoughtfulness will always be respected , I'm highly disappointed seeing such criticism from his end, Orunmila is trying his best and it's our making to ensure that we deliver the best we could as we promised in our manifestos, we're not vision-less", Taiwo said.

By Adeyemi Adebayo

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