FALSE: OOU Student Didn't Swindle Money from his Junior Colleagues as Claimed by Instablog9ja. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Thursday 1 June 2023

FALSE: OOU Student Didn't Swindle Money from his Junior Colleagues as Claimed by Instablog9ja.

By Campus Mirror. 

A named Dr Odunayo, who was posing as a lecturer, was caught by the school security unit on 31st, May, 2023, in OOU. This arrest took place at LLT3 —one of the school's busiest lecture theaters after he was seen selling handouts to naive freshers. According to an eyewitness, the said lecturer proceeded to sell the handouts after he concluded lectures. The price range of the handouts ranges from six thousand to ten thousand. 

In a swift turn of events, the popular blog, Instablog9ja, posted a video captioned "OOU STUDENTS LANDS IN POLICE NETS AFTER SWINDLING N1OK EACH FROM HUNDREDS OF HIS JUNIOR COLLEAGUES." The information contained in the video is wrong and misleading. The alleged swindler is Kabiru Toheeb Toyosi and from Campus Mirror's interview with him, we discovered he was the one who hinted the school security unit of the activities of the said lecture. The student whose face is captured in the video is not the swindler as Instablog9ja says. 

What is your name and position in the school?

My name is Kabiru Toheeb Toyosi pka-Dr.Cashlink of Oou. I am the Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students (NAAS) OOU chapter. 

A "lecturer" was caught yesterday by the school security unit for possibly scamming students. Can you tell us, in detail, what occurred yesterday?


It happened yesterday. There was a man who acted like a lecturer at LLT3 hall. He was taking the students[freshers] three different courses. I was in another class closer to the LLT3 hall. I came from Ayetoro to orientate the Agriculture  Freshers; they have been loitering around without knowing anybody. So,  that’s what brought me to Ago. One of the Agric students texted me that a man has started selling books to the freshers(from the price range of six thousand to ten thousand.) Being a comrade, I entered the hall to ask for his name( a lecturer will only recommend books for you to go and buy not that he will be selling them.) He replied that he was an alumnus that came to tutor them. I  went to the security unit. They followed me back to LLT 3 to arrest him. I orientate them[the freshers] that they should not fear anybody. They should try and ask questions. Those are the words of encouragement that I gave them. Now seeing my videos everywhere.

What was your first reaction when you saw your video trending on the popular blog, Instablog9ja?

What was my first reaction? I was just surprised that how my video got to the popular blog. [After that], I started posting on my WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram for people to see and tag the blog to make corrections on what he/she posted. 

What do you think this(posting of unverified information ) says about Instablog9ja?

This is a very very wrong accusation against me which means that’s how the blogger use to drop false/information

And lastly, the supposed lecturer, what is the situation of things with him?

I don’t have much to say because most of the freshers inside the hall know the truth. And I don’t feel bad also because I’m not the culprit.

What do you have to say to OOUites?

What they can just do now is to engage in the post with Instablog 

What are your words to Instablog9ja? 

The blog should try to make corrections on the post and apologize to me .. life is not hard. 

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