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Monday 25 October 2021

12 OOU finalist share what they would've done better in 100 level

Complied by Matilda Ifeoluwa & Munirat Odunaye

The final year might be the most exciting year of university life, but the year where you get the ball rolling has to be the first year because it sets the pace for the events of the successive years.

We decided to ask final year students about the things they would have done better in their 100-level/ note to their 100 level selves.

Iyanu, Faculty of Science

I should have prepared properly when I mean prepare I'm talking about in terms of study. I took it serious but not too serious though my other levels have been trying to adjust properly.

Omowunmi, Faculty of Education

Believing in myself. I should have believed in myself for performing better in my academics. I should have participated in any political post or something, I think it might have helped and developed my leadership skills.

Rasheed, Faculty of Engineering

I should have been calmer.. my lectures in 100L felt like simple stuff to me. I didn't read much; didn't study past questions. I was so confident because these were things I knew very well, but university is different from Secondary School, lol
Also, I wished I wasn't ashamed of my religion.

Olubusayo, Faculty of Science

I should have channelled the time energy into some self-development skills and probably just study at my hostel.

Abiola, Faculty of Science

Meeting people. I wish I had met or connected more with some people. My 100L for me was just there. I was this shy, timid guy, no friends. I am always indoors, after getting home from school straight to my room till the next morning. Growing up now and looking back I realized life is more than that, more than keeping to yourself. I realize the opportunities I've missed due to not connecting and not speaking up.

Agnes, Faculty of Agriculture

I wish I studied harder as that would have helped in boosting my GP. I wish I didn’t feel too relaxed thinking oh I just entered school, I have enough time...

Temi, Faculty of Social Sciences

I would pay attention to my finances like how or what to do to earn as a student. The thing is as you progress, your cost of living as students also changes, the same amount of monthly pocket money I receive in 100level can finish within 2weeks now.

Ariel, Faculty of Basic Medical Science

To not put all of my efforts into academics & spare some for social life and most especially, take care of my physical & mental self.

Tosin, Faculty of Arts

Learn how to study smartly and get involved with organisations in the school.

Nonso, Faculty of Law

To not feel overwhelmed by academic pressure, set my priorities right and always maintain focus.

Wale, Faculty of Management Science 

Depend on God no matter what even at a point you felt it’s the end.

 Teni, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences 

Don’t ever judge yourself in comparison to others. Instead, judge yourself against what you know you’re capable of

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