"I Helped Daniboy's Career, But He Is Now Ungrateful To Me" - Says Austin - OOU Campus Mirror

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

"I Helped Daniboy's Career, But He Is Now Ungrateful To Me" - Says Austin

 A 400L student of Business administration, Iherobiem Augustine (Austin), has blasted his colleague, Alabi Daniel who is also known as (Daniboy), a 400L student of Banking and Finance describing the latter as 'ungrateful'.

Alabi Daniel and Iherobiem Augustine, both were known to be bosom friends and class governors of their respective departments and they are among the three candidates who have strongly declared their interest to vie for the position of 'President', at the upcoming election of the faculty of social and management sciences Students' association (FSMSSA).

Campus Mirror understands after a due investigation that things fall apart between these two close allies when they discovered they would be contesting against each other.

However, while speaking on the issue, Austin said that he received the news of Daniboy's aspiration as a shock and surprise.

"We were very close friends. I was surprised and speechless when he became one of my opponents".
Narrating his history with Daniboy, Austin said, "I happen to be one of the strongest founders to his career when it comes to comedy ever since he gained admission into this great institution. There is one of the comedy videos we did and we are just four. Three Business administration students and Daniboy. I have been working with this guy selflessly. Even with his publicity, I will always be at the forefront carrying megaphone on my head just  because of Daniboy. Moreover, there was a show he did then at Mini Campus. I got this guy almost N10,000 without hiding penny. And what did I collect? Just what he distributed. "Pop Corn"!

"We were very very close friends. I was dumbfounded as he emerged one of my opponents. At times, It happens like that. That is life. He knew of my aspiration before he spring forth. Then, his aspiration was for BAFSAN President. I was encouraging him that you're a comedian now, contest for SUG social secretary, but he said no because his belief doesn't warrant bribing to enter a post. All of a sudden I heard him as one of my opponents. I was shocked but you got to take life as it is. Life is a choice, either you live or you die.

Asked if he is ready to go head to head with his one time ally and close friend in the upcoming election, Austin responded, "I will direct this question to him. Has he thought of what I did for him? I worked for Daniboy to the core that I even helped him get cash and made his event successful. My course mates can unanimously concur to this. I will be in the front of LLT1 shouting and championing for the success of Daniboy's launching. He is Ungrateful to me, Definitely!"

By Igbinyemi Boluwatife

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